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CNC Software Series for Plate Shape Cutting with integrated 2D drawing, CAD suite, tool pathing, nesting & NC code generation/verification, offering a complete, integrated low-cost solution. FastCAM allows people at a shop floor level to start profile cutting with the minimum of training. FastCAM can read or convert DXF, DWG, DSTV, StruCAD and IGES file formats as well as import vector PDFs for the purpose of quotation. Boxed Product. For Oxy & Plasma. Supports all versions of Windows. Operates in multiple languages. Allow 2-10 working days for delivery.
FastCUT Optimizer
Produce cut lists, nests, estimates for sheet, panel, glass, laminate etc. Any rectangular, linear or stock length material cut using shears or saws can be optimized. Editions for Metal, Wood & Glass. Inch and Metric. English; Spanish; Chinese; Dutch; Hungarian; Italian; Russian; Thai. Download Product. Supports all Windows versions.
A generic name for a suite of plate development programs specifically designed for where the main jointing technology is welding. There are a range of common, complex and heavy construction shapes including cones, lobsterbacks, transitions, pipe branches, conical branches, power transmission components and sprockets etc. Complete transitions in minutes ready to send to the burning machine with line marking and the number of degrees for forming every bend. Download Products. Support all versions of Windows.
FontGEN is suited to laser cutting, signwriting & marking applications. It will turn your Windows text into .DXF and/or (Fast).CAM file formats. The DXF file can then be opened in FastCAM® (or other CAD/CAM system), and pathed for conversion into NC code. Cut the text 'as is' or explode for nesting. Download Product. Supports all versions of Windows. Operate in English, Chinese or Spanish.
Outline is suited to cutting logos, stencils and artwork on NC machinery. It will convert graphic images in raster file format into a .DXF format composed of lines and arcs, ensuring the generated files can be converted into good NC code for your profile cutting machine. The program effortlessly converts existing images, or through its built in flat bed scanner interface, scanned pictures into DXF files. The DXF file can then be opened in FastCAM® (or other CAD/CAM system), and pathed for conversion into NC code. Download Product. Windows compatible.
FastCAM CAD Analyzer
CAD file analyzer for Single Part 2D drawings in DXF, DWG & CAM format. All relevant geometric information will be returned on the file including, entity count, outside cut length, inside cut length, number of pierces, part area, part weight, rectangular width, length & weight. CAD layers will be shown and can be turned on and off to enable better part analysis. Language support for English, Chinese & Polish. Download Product. Windows compatible.
FastLINK for Burny
DNC serial communications program that understands various NC control protocols and wiring. Helps speed older Burny controllers. Download Product. Supports all versions of Windows.
Tradesman in a Box
Tradesman in a Box is based on our FastSHAPES program. It provides part automation for the workshop without CNC machinery using a hand held torch. It is designed for operation on the shop floor, to aid in laying out patterns and complex developments. It is a complete solution. The program is ideal for semi-skilled tradespeople. The detailed printout makes it simple to loft and cutout by hand, or printout at a 1:1 scale and use with an Optical Machine. Download Product. Supports all version of Windows.
Material Take Off program for steel detailing. Provides the fastest method of entering materials into sortable lists for estimating and factory production. Download Product. Supports all versions of Windows.
FastCOPY® is an alternative solution to optical tracing or scanning for steel profilers and very useful for all fabricators presented with outlines or line drawings where there is no CAD input. FastCOPY is ideal where there is a need to copy templates or actual parts because it recovers the underlying engineering data, improving the result. The unique software uses mathematics and reverse engineering to recreate the original part without degradation (ideal to copy worn industrial parts, non-engineering parts, signs, artwork etc). Requires a Wintab compliant digitizer with a 16 button cursor/puck. Download Product. Supports all versions of Windows.